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  1. Auction procedure

Is there an inspection date? When will it take place?

Type and time of the inspection date can vary. Labstribute might set a date before the auction starts. In the case of an inspection date, the date will be published online on the auction platform in the respective auction’s information field. That will be the only day our employees will be available for you on site.

If there is no official inspection date for an auction, you are welcome to contact us to set up an individual appointment.

Exceptions will be mentioned for the respective auction.

How can I make a bid?

First, you have to register on labstribute.com.

Sign in with your user name and password to make a bid.

Click on the item you want to bid for, as soon as the auction opens. Klick on “bid now!”.

On labstribute.com you make a bid with the help of a bidding agent, which means that you will enter your maximum bid. The bidding agent will monitor the other bids and bid more than the other bidders if necessary until your entered maximum bid is reached. The bidding agent will thereby bid the exact amount that will make you the highest bidder and not more. Biddings will take place in the predefined bidding steps. See also http://www.labstribute.com/minicms/id/box_loeschen_28.html

As a last point, confirm your maximum bid with “bid now”. Your maximum bid is only binding after this confirmation.

Important information:
The bids you make are binding! You cannot withdraw a bid. You have to buy the auctioned items for the offer you made. Function and condition are without guarantee.

Is it possible to track my bids?

Yes, you can track your bids.

Go to your account and click on “active bids” to get an overview of all the items you have currently placed a bid on. Here, you can also see if you are still the highest bidder.

You can also add items that you have not made a bid for to your “watch list”. Simply click “add to watch list”.

Can I withdraw my bid?

No. The bids you have made are binding and cannot be withdrawn.

Is it possible to bid for multiple items at once?

No, unfortunately that is not possible. You have to place an individual bid on every single item.

Do I have to make a minimum bid for an item?

As a matter of principle, there are no predefined minimum required bid for an item. Instead, Labstribute and/or the auction organiser (seller) will set a starting bid for each item. That will have to be reached/overbid.
The bidder will be informed about exceptions to this rule.

When does the auction end?

An auction ends at the stated time. An automatic prolongation of that time is not possible.

How do I know if I won the bid? What happens after that?

After the auction ends, we will let you know whether you have won the bid via email. If you won the bid, you will receive an invoice as well as a collection ticket via email and a copy of both by mail. The invoice is to be settled prior to collection. It is impossible to collect objects that you have not been completely payed for in advance.

  1. Collection and transportation

When can I collect my objects?

Labstribute will set a collection date. Bring your invoice and your collection ticket for the collection. Please keep in mind that you can only collect objects that you have been completely payed for in advance.

TIP: Transporting and possibly disassembling your auctioned objects is your responsibility. Please plan to take any tools, lifting devices, means of transportation or sufficient staff with you. Exceptions will be mentioned in the auction’s information field.

What if I cannot collect my objects on the collection date?

Unfortunately, your objects cannot be collected on any other day. If you personally are unable to come for any reason, you can commission a forwarding company to collect your objects.

Please pay attention to “Can I get my objects delivered?”

Can I get my objects delivered?

You can commission a forwarding company to collect your objects. Potential tools, lifting devices or any other means of transportation have to be provided by the forwarding company. Requirement for the collection by a forwarding company: You have to provide us with the name of the company and a written approval of the handing over on site. The forwarding company must present a copy of your invoice and collection ticket upon collection. If they do not show up, we will have to charge you for any storage or potential rearrangement costs.

Exceptions regarding the transportation will be mentioned in the auction information.

  1. Guarantee

Do the objects bought from Labstribute have a guarantee?

No, Labstribute and/or the auction organiser (seller) do not offer a guarantee in terms of completeness, quantity, function, working order, marketability, suitability for a certain purpose, the existence or absence of third-party rights or claims or moreover, a possible transfer of goods to third parties. You will find more information in the GTC.

  1. Definitions

What is commission?

Commission is a 18 percent premium on the hammer price of your bid plus VAT. The commission is also known as auction costs, auction fees or surcharge.

You will find more information in the GTC.