About Labstribute

The auction of laboratory inventory or of a complete laboratory is only possible with the help of specialists. An expert market value assessment is the basis for a successful and profitable laboratory auction. Our experts will value your laboratory equipment in an accurate manner and they have the technical expertise of laboratory equipment and inventory.

Labstribute’s services reach from the detailed creation of an inventory and a catalogue of the laboratory inventory to the qualified market value assessment up to a perfect auction on our online platform Labstribute.com. Further services, such as private inspections and the complete monitoring and accompanying of the vacation of the laboratory, complete Labstribute’s service portfolio.

Laboratory users get their money’s worth on the online auction platform Labstribute.com. This is where the interesting laboratory auctions take place. Any relevant basic auction information such as the complete auction catalogues, photographs and important information about the respective items are available. Through this, registered auction participants get all the information they need to make a bid on Labstribute.com