Purchase laboratory devices by auction with Labstribute.com

Laboratory users get their money’s worth on the online auction platform Labstribute.com. This is where the interesting laboratory auctions take place. Any relevant basic auction information, such as the complete auction catalogues, photographs and important information about the respective items are available. This and the inspection date are your way of informing yourself about the condition of the laboratory equipment. In many cases, the former users can provide information about the configuration and maintenance condition. This will give you the maximum level of transparency and information that you will need to make a bid for your desired items.

Depending on the auction catalogue or your personal desires, you can buy a whole range of laboratory inventory or inventory that belongs together in one go. This will minimise your de- and installation costs.

After you have registered on Labstribute.com, you can choose to get exclusive information about our new and upcoming auctions via email.


How does one participate in an auction on Labstribute.com? *

  1. Register and set up your user account
  2. Inform yourself about single auction items or whole auction catalogues
  3. Make an offer in the detailed view of the respective item

Bidding steps:

Bid from 0.00 to 0.99:                                              €0.25

Bid from 1.00 to 9.99:                                   €0.50

Bid from 10.00 to 29.99:                               €1.00

Bid from 30.00 to 99.99:                               €2.00

Bid from 100.00 to 249.99:                           €10.00

Bid from 250.00 to 499.99:                           €20.00

Bid from 500.00 to 999.99:                           €50.00

Bid from 1000.00:                                         €100.00


Automatic bidding agent:

When entering a maximum bid, the automatic bidding agent will only bid the exact amount that will make you the highest bidder, until your entered maximum bid is reached.

  1. Be the highest bidder – win the bid
  2. Collect the equipment


Were we able to help you with that information? Do you have any further questions?

You will find additional information in our GTC and FAQ or you can send us an email at info@labstribute.com


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